Union Blogs: Kill the first 6 of the winter season are recorded

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kill the first 6 of the winter season are recorded

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Barely cold front number 14 is registered and the health secretary recorded the first 6 deaths in the winter season,

This was revealed by the state epidemiologist Alfredo Rodríguez Trujillo, who described so far dead people have been found to suffered from heart attacks and liver cirrhosis , and therefore analyze whether the low temperatures had to do with his death.

"According to what we have preliminarily some are heart attacks , teneo there some people who died of liver cirrhosis , most have a history of being people who had a significant degree of alcoholism, but as I say this is preliminary and we will have to wait for the opinion of the medical examiner to determine the cause. "

Such mishaps were reported this week in the municipalities of Matamoros , Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo.

"Whoever is first recorded on the 24th and the last day 27, we have most Matamoros , Reynosa and Hurry are investigating one in Nuevo Laredo ."

Along with these deaths , the epidemiologist said he learned of the death of a child who died suffocated by covering it too .

In this vein said epidemiologist suffocation deaths occur throughout the year , so you can not pin it to low temperatures .

"Really cases of suffocation problems that arise even in the hot season and are not deaths or diagnosis or cause of death that can be attributed ."

In this vein said " the only causes of death that can be attributed to cold are the problems of hypothermia, when people are exposed to much or prolonged low temperatures time problems poisoning butane gas carbon monoxide also occur when people try to mitigate the cold . "

In this context, he urged parents to be cautious and do not cover most infants, or sleep in the bed in the middle of them , to prevent choking or apachurren .

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