Union Blogs: Die from pneumonia 16% of grandparents

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Die from pneumonia 16% of grandparents

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . During the winter season, in parts of Tamaulipas, as is the case of the municipality of Tampico, dies up to 16 percent of older adults because of pneumonia.

This well was announced by the Secretary General of Section XXXIII , ISSSTE Union , Leon Alfonso Perales who added that in this situation the Ministry of Health should alert doctors to internists and pulmonologists .

He clarified that not all municipalities recorded the same trend of deaths and said , according to the latest figures presented by the General Health Council are cities like Reynosa where deaths from pneumonia are 2% .

" The mortality rate travels from 2 to 16 percent because of pneumonia , probably due to the type of region lies that big difference between over and over but should alert physicians , specialists , pulmonologists , internists so I take special care in handling these patients, " he said.

Finally De Leon Perales appealed to the people , mainly the elderly and patients with diabetes to get vaccinated against influenza because the application of the same will avoid them any complications in his health this season.

"You have to prepare for this winter season , you should go on prophylactic , which is the vaccine for both influenza and pneumococcal vaccines , especially the pneumococcal and influenza as we saw has been presenting at different ages ," he said .

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