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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Health Research 6 deaths from cold

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas . - The Ministry of Health of this entity investigating the death of six people which apparently befell because of the low temperatures.
In an interview, State Epidemiologist , Alfredo Rodríguez Trujillo reported this Friday that will determine when the causes that led to the death of five adults and minors.

" I have six deaths are being investigated , we do not have precisely the cause that definitely has to do with the low temperatures , remember that it is a process ," he said .

An official of the Ministry of Health explained that the process follows a person who apparently died of cold is comprehensive and there is a possibility that other factors might be .

He said that in the case of these four were six people from the municipality of Matamoros, Reynosa and another one of Nuevo Laredo , most were destitute troubled by alcohol and other was a minor.

Trujillo Rodriguez said that some of the causes of death of these six people could be related to myocardial myocardium however, he insisted , will be next Friday when the Health Department will release the actual causes of these six deaths.

"According to what we have preliminarily , some are from myocardial infarction, we have some people died from hepatic cirrhosis , most are people who had a history of a high level of alcohol , however , is preliminary we must wait opinion of the medical examiner , "he said .

Finally , as to the statistics cases of acute respiratory infections said that to date are you registering 20,000 cases per week , which means an increase of 25 percent comparatively at the cases attended in hot season.

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