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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Health Secretary appears before congressional committee

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Sherpal Health Secretary Norberto Treviño García Manzo, before the relevant committee of the State Congress which is chaired by Deputy Citizen Movement of León Alfonso Perales, to account for the action taken in the matter this year , after work report issued by the Governor of the state.

With a straight face that characterizes it , the health secretary , punctual arrival hall committees to start the presentation of work in lime stressed that an important part of the policy of the State Government aims to improve the health service is provided through human axis .

In this context he highlighted Tamaulipas Health sector covers 3 million 461 thousand inhabitants , Social Security 52.8 % , 39.9 % Seguro Popular , IMSS -Oportunidades 5.1% and 2.2 % have other health services .

This has been achieved that the life expectancy at birth has increased , while the birth rate and fertility declines , and the overall mortality rate is 5.28 deaths per thousand inhabitants.

Among the information that would provide the Secretary of Health highlighted in this hearing , that the main causes of death in Tamaulipas are ischemic heart disease , diabetes mellitus , cerebrovascular disease, and liver cirrhosis , also appear in the same magnitude homicides .

Between promotion and health prevention , said the addition of 33 thousand 495 volunteers for 3000 45 health committees that are in 43 municipalities , the Medical Unit for the Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer was aperturo where were treated to 6000 women, of which 17 positive cases treated in state cancer center were identified.

Training of 90 000 mothers, to combat overweight and intersectoral nutritional state board and the state according to health food, among other things created .

In the round of questions and answers , participants were deputies Erika Crespo, Patrick King Lopez, Rogelio Ortiz, Alfonso Perales Lion and PT deputy Arsenio Ortega Lozano , the latter was the most rebuked the officer , as he questioned lacking regarding the care provided medical institutions of the state and the popular self-insurance , also the lack of medicines, was one of the constant complaints or questions that they externaron .

In this vein Treviño García Manzo state recognized the hospitals , especially the health centers , which are 295 across the institution , register a shortage of drugs, at least 5% , but said this is not their responsibility, but of the companies contracted to the distribution thereof, not because they met the established.

" The supply of drugs is generally in the 95 % , we have problems but most of all and this is not a matter of blaming others but I have the data because the companies were winners in the bidding for dispensing drugs not meet us there need earlier this year to cancel the contract of a company that was supplying mainly to the central part of Tamaulipas, but overall we have a very good supply of medicines , of course there are anecdotal case where two or three people may not have received the drug were to be remote but anecdotal events and one swallow does not make a summer . "

Similarly there recognized shortage of physicians in the evening shifts and weekends at medical centers .

The rest of the hearing took place without mishap and the Secretary of Health continued to enhance the various programs undertaken.

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